Training and Consultancy

AETS is accredited to offer a three(3) year special Competency Based Training (CBT) in Automotive Engineering under the National TVET qualification framework for individuals with interest to pursue a profession or trade in automotive engineering. We have so far trained hundreds of participants since its inception in February, 2016. 

Our facilitators are both technically competent and experienced in teaching. Our training methods combine the use of multimedia presentations, practical illustrations, do-it-yourself sessions, and simulations. This is designed to ensure that all participants acquire real practical knowledge.

Our short term training programs for practicing Automotive Technicians and Driver Mechanics are carefully designed to include modules that are critical and relevant to the Ghanaian industry context.

As automotive and maintenance consultants, we provide our clients with hassle-free way to purchase their vehicles, focusing on how to choose the most suitable vehicle make and type that meet their intended purpose, how to maintain and run fleets that aims at having value for money and much more.